Some universities reluctant to set student parity deadlines

Some universities in New Zealand are reluctant to set deadlines for ensuring Maori and Pacific students are as successful as other groups of students, writes John Gerritsen for RNZ.

The deadlines are a new requirement from the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) which has been trying for more than a decade to stop Maori and Pacific students failing courses and dropping out at much higher rates than other students. Last year universities recorded an overall course pass rate of 88% for Pakeha students, but for Maori students it was 80% and for Pacific students 69%. At Te Pukenga’s polytechnics, the rates were 81% for Pakeha, Maori 72% and Pacific 70%.

Auckland University of Technology Vice-Chancellor Professor Damon Salesa told RNZ it was being asked to solve disparities created by society at large, but received no extra funding to help it do that.
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