Some universities put up fees for new Ukrainian students

Eight of the 13 Dutch universities are putting up the fees for new Ukrainian students in the coming academic year, broadcaster NOS said on Wednesday 9 August, reports Dutch

Last year universities and HBO (vocational) colleges decided to slash tuition fees for students from Ukraine to EUR2,200 (US$2,400) per year, the same as paid by Dutch and European students. The 540 students who began a Dutch degree course last year can continue under the same conditions. But new students at the eight universities will be faced with the same fees as students from outside the EU and European Economic Region – which means from EUR8,000 to EUR15,000 a year for one year of a bachelor’s degree.

Universities had hoped that the cabinet would cover the cost of the reduced fees but education minister Robbert Dijkgraaf said at the beginning of June that the government would not be providing financial support. Maastricht University is one of five which will not increase the fees, given the ongoing war. “We think that they [Ukrainian students] should be able to count on the same conditions as Ukrainian students who started last year,” a spokesman told the broadcaster.
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