Four universities announce strike to protest judicial overhaul

The faculty members of four Israeli universities have announced a strike to protest the Israeli government’s plan to pass the controversial judicial overhaul plan, reports Middle East Monitor.

According to Israeli Walla news site, Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion University and the Technion University have joined the protests movement against the judicial overhaul plan proposed by Benjamin Netanyahu's government. For the past 29 weeks, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have protested against the plan which, according to the Israeli opposition, would turn the country into a ‘dictatorship’.

The Israeli Knesset is due to vote on the second and third readings of the Reducing Reasonability draft bill which, if ratified, would remove the courts’ ability to review politicians’ decisions. The Israeli government is gearing up to complete the vote before the Knesset’s summer recess at the end of this July.
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