Taliban officials attended Iranian Shia university – Dean

The dean of Iran’s Al-Mustafa International University says some of the officials of the new government of Afghanistan have studied at the institution, reports Iran International.

The university, which is the Islamic Propaganda Bureau of the Qom Seminary, is a state-funded university-style Shia seminary with branches in almost 60 countries. In an interview, Ali Abbasi said people of 83 nationalities are studying at the institution while in its Kabul branch, more than 50% of scholars are Tajiks and Sunnis.

It is not clear exactly what is being taught at the Kabul branch after the Taliban takeover, but the branch’s website reported almost 4,500 scholars were studying there until 2019. Abbasi did not explain how people who were trained in this Shiite complex took positions at the Sunni government of the extremist Taliban.
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