Marking boycott at 145 universities is causing havoc

Since late April, staff at 145 universities in the United Kingdom have been refusing to mark students’ work. The marking and assessment boycott over pay cuts and working conditions is the most recent action by the University and College Union (UCU), which represents academics and other university staff, writes Lorna Finlayson for The Guardian.

With graduation ceremonies now upon us, the boycott is causing significant havoc. Just how significant is a matter of some dispute. But what is indisputable is that many students have had their marks delayed, and some will be unable to graduate as normal this summer.

Industrial action by (mainly) academic staff is always a hard sell. Lecturers are seen as relatively privileged people. The students being hit by their latest action have already had their studies disrupted by a pandemic and a series of strikes. Seen this way, the current marking boycott can look like a selfish step too far.
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