Province has a plan to help university graduates land a job

China’s third most populous province, famous for its iPhone factories, transport links and agricultural businesses, has launched a campaign to help university graduates find a job amid record high youth unemployment, writes Kinling Lo for The South China Morning Post.

The central province of Henan will target graduates from low-income families, those who are physically handicapped and those in prolonged unemployment, it said on Tuesday 30 May, with the campaign set to run until the end of August. Henan’s provincial government expects 870,000 university graduates this year from an anticipated record national total of 11.58 million.

“Universities must focus on this year’s graduates as they have had relatively less internship experiences under the pandemic,” the province’s education department said in its 100-day action plan. “Schools must get to know the number of graduates facing employment problems and provide targeted guidance in order to drive their motivation in landing a job as soon as possible.”
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