Task force to review HE pay scales to retain top talent

Pakistan’s Ministry of Planning, Development and Special Initiatives on Tuesday 16 May announced the setting up of a task force to review the pay scale systems of higher education institutions across the country so ‘top talent’ could be recruited and retained, writes Saif ur Rehman for Geo News.

Ahsan Iqbal, minister for planning, development and special initiatives, said the task force’s establishment signified the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the higher education sector. “By enhancing the pay scale system, Pakistan aims to nurture an environment that rewards excellence and innovation in research and academia,” he added. Iqbal said that competent faculty and staff were vital to ensuring that Pakistan’s higher education sector could maintain competitiveness in the global academia and research landscape.

In a statement, the ministry pointed out that higher education institutions in the country either followed the basic pay scale (BPS) or their own pay scales. However, higher education institutions were not consistently implementing the increase in pay and allowances recommended by the provincial governments.
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