Bill seeks early, legacy admissions ban at state colleges

New York State lawmakers are eyeing a ban on the practice of early admission to colleges and universities as the legislative session nears its end, with progressives claiming the practice is racist, writes Zach Williams for the New York Post.

Supporters of a bill that would outlaw early admission – in which prospective students agree to attend their top-choice college in exchange for acceptance earlier in the admission cycle – as well as legacy admissions say both practices disproportionately help white and wealthy students get into prestigious schools like Columbia, New York University and Cornell.

“The bill seeks to eliminate structural barriers created by legacy and early admissions policies which tend to reward connected and affluent white students and discriminate against students of colour and first-generation students like myself,” Assemblywoman Latrice Walker (Democrat-Brooklyn), who is sponsoring the bill in her chamber, said on Monday 8 May. Supporters of the legislation aim to get it passed by leveraging opposition to a potential Supreme Court ruling in cases challenging race-based admissions at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina.
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