Single recruitment portal for central universities launches

India’s University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a unified recruitment portal, CU-Chayan, for the recruitment of faculty in central universities, reports the Hindustan Times. Currently, all 46 central universities conduct recruitment processes through their individual portals, and advertise the vacancies on their official websites and newspapers.

The UGC Chairman Jagadesh Kumar said on Tuesday 2 May the portal will provide a common platform for listing vacancies in all central universities (CU), and will completely shift the recruitment process online.

“Using backend data analytics on the CU-Chayan portal, the UGC will gather data on how many positions are filled, how many vacancies are there, whether reservations are being followed as per rules etc. This will help UGC to handhold CUs to fast-track the recruitment process,” the UGC chairperson said.
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