Student council shuns graduation in protest over exclusions

The students’ representative council (SRC) of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) will not attend this week’s graduation ceremony in protest over the exclusion of more than 1,000 graduands from the ceremony over unsettled accounts, write Edward Mumbuu and Van Wyk Amutenya for New Era Live.

“I am appalled by this decision,” SRC president Martha Ambabi said in a missive dated 20 April and addressed to NUST council chairperson Florette Nakusera. “It is unacceptable to deny students their right to attend their own graduation ceremonies, just because they have outstanding debts. This is a clear violation of their rights, and it goes against the very principles of justice and fairness that NUST claims to uphold.”

The university maintained that it respects the students’ body’s right to “express themselves as they deem necessary … We are, however, disappointed that the one time we refuse an SRC proposal, the response is a boycott. Ultimatums aren’t an action of good faith between parties that enjoy a good relationship. Management always considers proposals from student leaders with the utmost of care and in good faith,” NUST spokesperson John Haufiku said over the weekend.
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