12% of students left city for tertiary studies last year

More than 12 per cent of Hong Kong’s secondary school students chose to leave the city for tertiary education last year, with Britain overtaking Taiwan as the second most popular destination after mainland China, writes William Yiu for The South China Morning Post.

The Education Bureau’s survey of 41,222 school leavers also found more students chose to take shorter certificate or diploma courses than before, which an expert said suggested they wanted to enter the job market earlier. About 94% chose to pursue further studies, which was the same amount as in 2021. Those who decided to enter the labour force directly and work full time accounted for 2.6%, while 2.3% were in part-time employment. The choices of the remaining 2% of students were not specified. Students who opted for tertiary education primarily stayed in Hong Kong, with 87.6 continuing their studies in the city, while 4,789, or 12.4 per cent, went to the mainland, Taiwan or overseas.

The figure was down for the second year in a row, dropping from 14.3% in 2021 and a peak of 14.5% in 2020 when more than 6,000 students left the city for further studies. Nearly 40% of those who studied outside Hong Kong went to the mainland, which continued to top the chart as the most popular destination.
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