Medical students study German in hopes of a move abroad

His medical studies in Syria keep Mohammed Shasho busy enough, but whenever he can he also pores over German vocabulary and grammar points in hopes of a move to Europe, reports AFP.

Like many youngsters in the war-ravaged country, he dreams of joining the almost one million Syrians already in Germany to advance his education and perhaps find work there. “German is very difficult to learn, especially because it is not taught by native speakers in Syria,” said the 23-year-old who regularly studies German textbooks and video tutorials. The effort will be “worth it... once I set foot in Germany”, Shasho told AFP in the quiet courtyard of a Damascus health clinic where he volunteers.

German classes have proliferated in recent years in Syria where the vast majority of foreign language students had until recently opted for English or French. Germany has become a coveted destination for aspiring Syrian doctors who want to study and work away from their homeland, ravaged by conflict and a crushing economic crisis.
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