The ‘D-Day’ rules putting international students at risk

Thousands of international students in Australia are bracing for the dual threat of wage theft and dodgy housing schemes as the federal government withdraws pandemic-era laws that allow them to work unlimited hours and authorities require onshore study, write Angus Dalton, Billie Eder, Millie Muroi, Anthony Segaert and Angus Thomson for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Sean Stimson, an international student solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre, described 30 June as ‘D-Day’, when remote study from abroad would no longer be permitted at the same time the Department of Foreign Affairs restricts international students to 48 hours of work per fortnight.

“The work restrictions are going to be implemented at the same time that all students can no longer study offshore,” Stimson said. “There’re more students, less income, and there’s already pressure on affordable rental properties. It is a recipe, I think, for disaster.”
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