Universities encourage more students to attend in-person classes

Universities are encouraging students to attend their lectures in-person in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last year’s often-deserted lecture theatres, writes John Gerritsen for RNZ.

The pandemic forced universities to greatly expand the practice of recording lectures and posting them online so students could continue learning through lockdowns or if they were in isolation. However, as COVID restrictions eased, academics were surprised and disappointed that lecture attendance did not bounce back. The change had repercussions beyond lecture-attendance. Earlier this year, a bookshop and cafe on Victoria University's Kelburn campus announced it would close because there were fewer people on-campus.

Most students spoken to by RNZ this week said they preferred to attend lectures in-person, but sometimes it was not possible. They said they watched online lectures due to ill-health or disability, but also if assignments were due or if their lectures clashed with paid employment.
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