White student sues Howard University for discrimination

An expelled white student is suing Howard University, a historically black school, for US$2 million over what he claims is racial discrimination, citing “pain, suffering, emotional anguish and damage to his reputation”, writes Stephen Neukam for The Hill.

Michael Newman was expelled in September after attending Howard law school starting in 2020. Newman alleges in his suit that the school created a “hostile education environment”, and argues that he suffered “depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts” as a result of “public ostracism, vilification and humiliation.”

Newman apparently became the target of criticism by other students when he made remarks about where he parts “from the black community”, saying in a group chat with other students that black people “believe government solves problems; I only see it causing problems”, according to the suit. Newman made further comments in class settings that other students took exception to, and the suit alleges that some “conspired to seek his expulsion”.
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