Universities brace for a return of students from China

Immigration data suggest tens of thousands of Chinese students in Canada may have returned to China during the pandemic. But now Canadian universities and officials say they are getting ready to welcome some back, after the Chinese government ordered students taking online classes with foreign universities to return overseas, writes Nono Shen for The Canadian Press.

The Chinese Ministry of Education said in a directive dated 28 January that students studying online in China would have to return to foreign campuses this spring semester, or their qualifications would not be recognised in the Chinese job market.

Max Meng, CEO of Guangson Education, a British Columbia-based education and immigration company, said 2020 was a peak for overseas online learning among Chinese students. “Under the recent [online learning] policy, combined with the opening up vibe in the post-pandemic era, Metro Vancouver is expected to see another influx of thousands of people from China to come here,” said Meng.
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