Vocational graduates are earning more in labour crunch

Local media report that higher education no longer automatically means higher salaries in the Netherlands. Secondary vocational graduates in technology, nursing and transport now receive a higher gross hourly wage one-and-a-half years after graduating than many higher vocational graduates, reports NL Times.

According to De Telegraaf, based on the new Keuzegids MBO (middle-level applied education), the gross hourly wage for an MBO graduate in process engineering is €20.90 (US$22.64) a year-and-a-half after graduating. MBO graduates in nursing, transport, caring and shipping all earn just below that. The average gross wage for HBO (higher professional education) has been around €16 per hour in recent years.

This seems to be a “kind of emancipation of MBO”, Ton Wilthagen, labour market professor at Tilburg University, said to the newspaper. “For a long time, the idea was that the higher your education, the more you earn, but the market is now really starting to treat MBO students differently. For too long, a negative value judgment was attached to that.”
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