42% of public university graduates are unemployed – Report

A new report by the Ministry of Education reveals only 58% of university graduates get jobs in Ethiopia, writes Sisay Sahlu for The Reporter. As many as 42% of university graduates are unemployed after graduating, the same source said.

It is a shocking revelation in a country where hundreds of thousands of people graduate from public universities and private colleges. The youth unemployment rate is over 23%, according to the Ethiopian Statistics Service.

When presenting their quarterly performance report for the year 2015 (EC) (2022 in the Western calendar) to the parliament this week, Mezgebu Biazen, director of strategic affairs at the Ministry of Education, stated that only 58% of graduates from the ministry’s 47 overseen universities were employable. At least 160,000 students enrol in universities each year, with a comparable number graduating, according to Mezgebu. Nevertheless, given the size of the new graduate cohort, this employment figure remains well below expectations.
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