Higher education ministry calls on professors to return

Acting Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadim, in a meeting with lecturers and students at the universities in the eastern zone of Afghanistan, said the lack of professional lecturers in the country’s universities is a serious challenge. The ministry asked Afghan lecturers who have left the country to return, reports Tolo News.

The acting minister said that the rules and regulations of the previous government pertaining to education have been cancelled, and the ministry will try to provide facilities for the education system in the country.

“The principles and regulations of the previous system have been absolutely cancelled, they are neither permissible, nor appropriate,” said Neda Mohammad Nadim. The acting minister added that in the future there will be an easier process for the promotion of scientific staff. “There were obstacles against scientific staff promotion. We cancelled the rules. Allah willing, there is no problem against scientific staff promotion,” he said.
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