Staff shortages start to disrupt universities’ activities

Zimbabwe’s institutions of higher learning have been hit by acute staff shortages caused by a mass exodus of academics due to poor remuneration and working conditions, writes Miriam Mangwaya for NewsDay.

It is said that some universities and colleges recruited underqualified lecturers to replace skilled personnel who left the country for greener pastures. This is reportedly compromising the quality of learning at higher learning institutions, while some institutions now rely on part-time lecturers.

Students’ representatives told NewsDay this week that the lack of lecturers at the institutions had disrupted learning, resulting in longer semesters. The National University of Science and Technology was forced to postpone some of its examinations scheduled for last week because students had not completed their modules due to a shortage of lecturers. The College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe President David Dzatsunga said the brain drain at universities intensified this year. “The issue of lecturers leaving colleges has been happening for some years and has become a trend,” Dzatsunga said.
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