Unemployment: Education expert takes universities to task

Education experts have tasked universities and other institutions of higher learning to repurpose their courses to help Uganda reduce the high levels of unemployment in the country, writes Rajab Mukombozi for Daily Monitor.

The experts said it is a paradox that a country well-endowed with natural resources is still among the least developed and poorest countries in the world. “Uganda is gifted by nature, endowed with resources, and good weather. How can it still be a Third-World country, least developed and so poor? It’s high time universities helped us address this question,” former justice and constitutional affairs minister Professor Ephraim Kamuntu said during a prayer breakfast meeting for Bishop Stuart University in Mbarara City recently.

Kamuntu, who is also a member of Bishop Stuart University council, said: “The purpose of any university is to develop the capacity of its students to think logically, objectively and rationally to solve problems. If a university falls short of these, then it has no purpose and it is misplaced. My appeal is that universities go back to their original purpose and help in averting growing unemployment in the country,” he said.
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