Universities sound alarm on fake Ontario school diplomas

Several top universities in Australia will now only accept diplomas from high schools in Ontario, Canada, that have been vetted after a number of applicants may have used fake documents, writes Xiao Xu for The Globe and Mail.

At least two schools in Ontario province say their names have been found on fraudulent transcripts. The University of Sydney confirmed in a statement that it, along with other universities, was informed earlier this year of “a significant rise in fraudulent Ontario Secondary School Diploma transcripts, particularly in respect of recently registered online private schools”.

In response, the university is currently only considering students from a select number of in-person Ontario schools that have gone through what it describes as a robust verification process. Chinese-language coverage of the fraud allegations included a list of 152 schools that the Australian universities had considered “unverified or ungenuine”. The university declined to provide that list, explaining that it is changing as the institution goes through it.
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