Exam fails to resolve crisis for returned medical students

The recent national exams conducted to integrate Moroccan students who returned from Ukraine into the country’s private medical, dental and pharmacy schools have failed to resolve the crisis of how to help these students continue their education at home, writes Mohamed Akinou for Al-Fanar Media.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation set up the exams as a solution for students who were forced to abandon studies in Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February. More than 800 students registered to take the exams, which were conducted in French late last month. But only 393 students actually sat the exams, and only 123 of them passed, a ministry source told Al-Fanar Media. According to results published online, 34 medical students, 79 dentistry students, and 10 pharmacy students passed the exams.

Taking a placement exam and enrolling in a private university is the only option the ministry has offered these students so far. Returning students and their parents, however, have repeatedly held protests calling on the ministry to allow them to continue their education at public universities instead.
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