Call for targeted financial relief for Ukrainian research

A flurry of international aid has been rolled out to support researchers in Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February. Now, targeted financial help would get cash strapped institutions in the west of the country – away from the seat of war – back up to speed and have a more immediate impact on the research system as a whole, according to two experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who visited Ukraine this summer, writes Florin Zubascu for Science|Business.

Michael Leskiw, associate director of strategic alliances and technology transfer at MIT in the United States, and alliance manager Julie Kukharenko travelled to Krakow in Poland and then on to Lviv and Kyiv in Ukraine, where they met research stakeholders in the country.

They identified four institutions that could benefit from immediate international financial aid, amounting to an estimated €10 million (US$9.8 million) per year. That would cover grant money moved from Ukraine’s National Research Foundation to the defence budget, provide funding opportunities for a scholar support office to do more mentoring and pay its staff, enable the country’s quality assurance agency to do more outreach, and establish relationships with European and US institutions to help with accreditation and standardisation.
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