Most foreign student dropouts stay on illegally – Report

A new report says about two-thirds of foreign students who dropped out of school have been staying in South Korea without a valid visa, writes Im Eun-byel for The Korea Herald.

The report, released by independent lawmaker Representative Min Hyung-bae on Wednesday 28 September, said data from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice showed that 67.2% of students who dropped out of school in Korea were staying without a valid visa as of last year, while a total of 10,335 foreign students dropped out of school in 2021.

More students are staying in Korea illegally after coming to study. The number has been on the increase, from 1,419 in 2018 to 2,883 in 2019 and 4,692 in 2020. The number increased nearly five-fold over three years. Of the students, 65.2% were from Vietnam, 14.4% from Uzbekistan, 7.02% from Mongolia and 4.2% from China.
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