New law permits only one free HE degree over 10 years

A future revision to Estonia’s Higher Education Act would make it more difficult to earn a second degree in higher education for free, and in some situations you would also be required to pay to change your field of study. It is believed that one of the positive outcomes of the legislative amendments is an improvement in the pupils’ learning behaviour, reports ERR.

The draft’s explanatory memorandum pledges that the fundamental principles of the Higher Education Act will be preserved following its enactment: full-time study on any Estonian-language course will continue to be free for the first degree obtained. The purpose of the amendment was to ensure that the state would not fund more than one course at each level of higher education.

The draft’s main goals, according to the explanatory memorandum, are to increase students’ responsibility and sense of duty, guide them to make more informed and thoughtful choices, enable them to attract more money into higher education and use current funding more effectively.
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