Over half of MBA institutes have ‘zero’ research papers

In what points to poor research culture in the management education ecosystem in India, over half of management institutes that participated in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings this year do not have a single published paper to their credit, writes Biplob Das for The Indian Express.

This year, nearly 670 institutes participated in the NIRF in the management category, of which 383 (or 57.16%) had no research publications. Predictably, 85% of the total research papers (4,405) across 670 management institutes participating in NIRF have been published by just the top 100 institutes. India’s share in overall world publications in the management discipline is just 4.45%. In contrast, its share in international research in engineering is 6.93%.

The NIRF report states that it is “not surprising” that so many institutes have zero research publications, since many colleges primarily focus on undergraduate education. As far as management institutions are concerned, the report states, “to a lesser extent, the focus is on ‘case studies’ rather than on research publications.”
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