‘Urination judgment’ criticises university drinking culture

The disciplinary hearing judgment expelling student Theuns du Toit, who urinated on the desk of African student Babalo Ndwayana, provided a scathing assessment of the “drinking culture” at Stellenbosch University (SU) in the Western Cape, reports Times Live.

On Thursday 21 July, the university said the disciplinary hearing, after the incident at Huis Marais residence on 15 May, found Du Toit guilty of contravening a number of clauses in the institution’s disciplinary code for students. The case revolved around five pillars: the urination incident, the abuse of alcohol [the disciplinary panel heard Du Toit had consumed around one-and-a-half bottles of brandy], residence culture, racism, and the future interests of Stellenbosch University.

“SU is no stranger to alcohol abuse and alcohol-related controversies. As is ever-present in South Africa, SU continues to battle the negative effects of alcohol. However, being a university, it has had to deal with the added difficulties of young adults engaging in a culture of binge-drinking,” read the judgment.
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