Universities make slow progress towards full representivity

Throughout history, US colleges and universities have served as catalysts for social progress. However, even though more than half of all high school graduates will be people of colour by 2036, new data from McKinsey & Company indicate 70 years will pass before these students are fully represented in all higher education not-for-profit institutions, writes Gianna Melillo for The Hill.

This statistic is also surprising given 95% of research intensive institutions in the United States currently employ a senior diversity, equity and inclusion executive.

For faculty from underrepresented populations, under the status quo it would take nearly 300 years to reach parity at not-for-profit institutions assessed. Among both faculty and undergraduates, data show Black, Hispanic and Latino, and Native American populations are underrepresented in higher education, authors wrote in the McKinsey report, noting these groups often tend to have worse academic outcomes based on graduation rates.
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