Lecturer gets suspended for insulting remarks about women

A university teacher who made inappropriate comments has been suspended from teaching, East China’s Shandong University of Political Science and Law said in a statement on Thursday 16 June. The decision came after the teacher sparked a huge outcry on the Chinese internet for making insulting remarks about women, reports Global Times.

According to screenshots circulating online, Zhi Qiang, a teacher at the university’s law school, said that women are certainly low-quality students and that he was displeased with female students that reported to his wife his intimacies with other female students on campus. The remarks were made during a conversation with one of Zhi’s friends surnamed Ma on WeChat, a Chinese social media platform.

Also, when Ma repeatedly made exceptionally insulting comments about women, Zhi echoed him. After the screenshots were uploaded to Chinese Twitter-like platform Sina Weibo, they quickly sparked public concern. Many netizens called on the university to deal with the inappropriate comments by the law teacher as soon as possible.
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