Medical students of Chinese universities stage protest

Indian medical students enrolled in Chinese universities, who have been attending medical school online since January 2020, held a protest in Delhi on Sunday 29 May demanding swift action to enable them to get practical training either through a return to China or in medical colleges in India, reports Express News Service.

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ordered the National Medical Commission to frame a scheme within two months permitting medical students of foreign universities to complete practical training in medical colleges in India.

Students enrolled in Chinese medical colleges from across India gathered at Jantar Mantar on Sunday demanding that their issue be resolved soon. Sonia George (24), a resident of Kerala, completed her programme at Sichuan University after her final exams last month. She is concerned about the validity of her degree without practical work. Students say they have been waiting for a long time, and they want clear information and directives on their status.
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