Contractor says Makerere building will not open by October

A contractor has revealed that the renovation of the ‘Ivory Tower’ at Makerere University’s main building will not be complete by the time of the centenary celebrations for Uganda’s independence on 8 October this year, reports The Independent.

Fire gutted the historic building in September 2020 sending shockwaves across the country. The mystery fire, according to a report compiled by the Criminal Investigations Department and the Ministry of Works, resulted from a short circuit arising from a faulty electrical system.

Ever since preparations for the centenary celebrations started, the university management has been chest-thumping that the iconic building, which was opened by the colonial government in 1941, will be restored in record time and act as a gift for the centenary celebrations. However, Satvinder Saini, the director of Excel Construction Ltd, which is handling the restoration works, notes that this will not possible. According to Saini, even if they up their speed, they will complete the building in 18 months.
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