City universities, companies partner in tough job market

Although the Omicron epidemic in Shanghai has disrupted the normal job-hunting process of college graduates, universities in Shanghai are making every attempt to match and keep graduates and their potential employers in touch, in response to the toughest-ever employment environment, write Du Qiongfang and Zhang Changyue for Global Times.

The citywide “static management” in Shanghai since the end of March has made it impossible for local college students to have in-person interviews with potential employers. But local colleges have managed to establish platforms for both to communicate and carry out the two-way selection.

A record-high 10.76 million graduates – an increase of 1.67 million year-on-year – are about to leave campus this summer and find a job in the face of multiple pressures posed by the COVID-19 epidemic and structural contradictions in the China’s labour market.
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