Ministry offers help to deal with students in quarantine

Following reports of students being made to sleep in conference rooms due to limited quarantine capacity, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education said it will provide subsidies and assistance to universities in arranging extra quarantine rooms and reimbursing homebound students’ travel expenses, writes Stephanie Chiang for Taiwan News.

During an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan on Wednesday 4 May, Education Minister Pan Wen-chung was asked about reports of National Taiwan University students being made to sleep in conference rooms and basements due to a lack of space for quarantine. While Pan was hesitant to comment on the school’s policy, he said the ministry is doing its best to help schools address the issue.

In a statement published on Wednesday, the ministry said that it encourages students infected with COVID-19 or in contact with patients to return home for quarantine. It added that it will reimburse students for any transportation and luggage shipping costs after confirming the expenses.
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