Belfast university chief warns of a ‘perfect storm’ in HE

The vice-chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, Ian Greer, has warned that higher education in Northern Ireland is facing a perfect storm, and potential budget cuts and fewer university places will lead to an education migration, reports PA News Agency.

Addressing the CBI NI’s An Audience with Northern Ireland’s Political Leaders event at Queen’s, Greer said a failure to act now will leave a “legacy of inequality and a legacy of stifled economic growth”.

He said some £216 million (US$271 million) (40%) has been cut from third level education by the Northern Ireland executive in the past 10 years, contending it is the only part of the UK which has reduced government investment in higher education during that period. He said 30% of students in Northern Ireland – around 5,000 – leave the region to go to university in Great Britain, and just 12% of those – around 600 – return.
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