Newly tabled bill says no words are off limits in lectures

A new bill tabled on Wednesday 6 April in Quebec, Canada, would allow “any word” to be uttered in university classrooms as long as it’s used in an academic context, the province’s higher education minister said, writes Virginie Ann for The Canadian Press.

Bill 32 is great news for Quebec students, including racialised students, because it preserves a high-quality learning environment in the province’s universities, Danielle McCann told reporters.

“Classrooms are not safe spaces; they are spaces for debate,” McCann said, rejecting a common notion championed on university campuses across North America that students should not have to be exposed to certain kinds of hateful speech. The bill is needed, McCann said, because academic freedom for university teachers must be better defined and protected, adding that a legislative framework will help prevent teachers from censoring themselves.
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