Students petition against professor’s Russia comments

Two University of Montreal students have launched a petition against a long-time history professor over “shocking” comments he made on social media that supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, writes Emerald Bensadoun for The Globe and Mail with a report from Reuters.

The petition, which had received more than 175 signatures by Sunday evening (27 March), accuses Professor Michael J Carley of spreading Russian propaganda to students and demands that the university both rebuke the professor and strip him of his role as a thesis adviser and supervisor.

Tweets from Carley’s Twitter account had quoted Russian state media outlets, such as Sputnik, using the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The tweets claimed that the country was cleansing Donbas and Mariupol against “a rotten fascist government in Ukraine” and “Ukrainian Nazis” that had “infiltrated into every level of Ukr gvt & armed forces”. His Twitter and Facebook accounts have since been deleted and Carley did not respond to a request for comment about the petition.
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