Despite Ukraine, medical study abroad is still alluring

While the war in Ukraine has left a traumatic impact on Indian students studying there, it has not deterred others who wish to study MBBS (medicine) abroad, if one goes by the number of enquiries education consultants continue to receive from those keen to pursue medicine in a foreign country, reports Express News Service.

The only difference now is that parents and aspirants alike have shifted focus from Ukraine to other destinations like the Philippines or Georgia. Ukraine was a preferred destination owing to factors like cost and recognition of the degree by several countries etc. With this easy option along with the option of China now seemingly out of reach, parents have shifted focus to other countries.

“The Philippines is emerging as a new preferred destination because the curriculum there is quite similar to what is taught in American medical schools. This opens up avenues for students to try and pursue post-graduation in the US by taking exams there eventually,” said Vijay Kumar, training lead at Career Plus, an education consultancy. Destinations like Georgia are also becoming the new favourites for their lower fee structures.
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