‘Sex for grades’: Court sentences two professors to prison

Morocco’s Court of First Instance in Settat near Casablanca has sentenced two professors from the Hassan I University to a total of two and a half years in prison for sexually extorting female students in return for giving them good grades, writes Sara Zouiten for Morocco World News.

The court sentenced two out of four professors for their involvement in the ‘sex for grades’ scandal on Tuesday 22 March and acquitted the others.

The court sentenced Professor “Mohamed. Kh” to one and a half years in prison and fined him MAD7,000 (US$722), while Professor “Abderrahman. M” received a one-year sentence and a fine of MAD5,000 (US$516). The court also demanded Professor “Abderrahman. M” to pay compensation of MAD60,000 (US$6,200) to his victims “Nadia. Kh” and “Khadija. Kh”. The court acquitted the two other professors, “Mohamed. B” and “Khalid. S”.
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