Plans to bring in 100,000 foreign students by end of May

Japan looks to accept roughly 100,000 international students waiting to enter the country by the end of May, taking advantage of open seats on commercial flights to speed the process, writes Yuki Nakamura for Nikkei.

About 152,000 holders of student visas were waiting to enter Japan as of 4 January, the Immigration Services Agency said. The plan is to bring in around 100,000 of these who seek to come as soon as possible under a simplified screening process.

Japan expects these arrivals to be handled “to a considerable extent” within the May timeframe, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told reporters on Wednesday 9 March. A “smooth entry scheme” for students launches as early as mid-March, before the new academic year begins in April. The students will be counted separately from the daily cap on other entrants to Japan, which rises to 7,000 on Monday from 5,000 as the government gradually eases coronavirus-related border controls.
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