‘Virus-free’ campus opens armed with ultraviolet technology

Turkey’s first ‘virus-free’ university campus has been introduced in Istanbul to maintain face-to-face education while reducing the spread of COVID-19. Dogus University’s Atasehir Dudullu campus, equipped with ultraviolet C (UVC) ray technology opened its doors to its students on Tuesday 22 February, leaving the pandemic behind the fences, reports Daily Sabah with IHA.

The university members have been examining a mechanism that would inactivate the spread of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and similar microorganisms through UVC radiation and whether this method could be applied on the campus against COVID-19. Known as a germicide, UVC radiation has been utilised for decades as a disinfectant to reduce the spread of bacteria. Reportedly, when surfaces are exposed to the rays above a certain dose, viruses are eliminated.

The faculty members, who examined the ventilation and newly installed water source heat pump system of the new campus, assured the public that the equipment installed to disinfect and sterilise near the ventilation system around the campus provides nearly 100% safety for all students and employees.
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