Thousands of university staff strike over pension cuts

Thousands of university staff in the United Kingdom have gone on strike in a new wave of industrial action over pensions, pay and working conditions, claiming they have overwhelming support from students, writes Sally Weale for The Guardian.

The University and College Union (UCU), which represents university workers, said huge numbers of UCU members had joined picket lines on Monday 14 February, where they were supported with musical accompaniment, DIY banners and chants. By contrast, university employers said there were low levels of industrial action by what it called a minority of UCU members that apparently had little impact on students, in the latest stage of a long-running and increasingly acrimonious dispute.

The strike is the first of 10 days of action spread over three weeks. This week it involves 44 universities, including Cambridge, Leeds and Edinburgh, and focuses on pension cuts. Next week strike action will involve 68 universities when 50,000 staff are expected to walk out over pensions, pay and working conditions, affecting about a million students.
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