University supports police tactics in anti-vaccine protest

The New Zealand police’s cautious approach to the anti-COVID vaccine mandate protest that is paralysing central Wellington has the backing of Victoria University of Wellington even though its city campus is now locked down and staff and students have been abused, reports RNZ.

Victoria University of Wellington Vice-Chancellor Grant Guilford told Morning Report that the summer trimester at the business and law schools next to Parliament grounds has been disrupted. About 1,500 students and 300 staff have been told to stay home and join classes online as protesters occupy their car park and camp on the front lawns. He said some of the protesters are being abusive and physically intimidating.

Guilford said the university supported the police’s careful approach to a complex situation. He had walked around the crowd himself and observed some very passionate people who did not seem about to move on unless they gained some concessions or were physically removed.
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