Report condemns racism in ‘segregated’ student housing

Universities and accommodation providers in the United Kingdom need to tackle the racism experienced by black students in halls of residence, according to a report that found claims of “racially segregated” accommodation and widespread abuse from other students, writes Richard Adams for The Guardian.

More than half of black students surveyed in the report said they had been victims of racism while living in UK student accommodation, and nearly two-thirds had witnessed racism. “These experiences ranged from insensitivity around things like hair or food, to the use of racial slurs, to spitting, shouting and physical violence,” found the report, Living Black at University.

More than 1,000 students were surveyed and interviews were carried out for the research, commissioned by the student accommodation provider Unite Students, which is the first to deal with the experience of racism in higher education in a non-academic context.
Full report on The Guardian site