Delhi University announces scrapping of MPhil degree

Delhi University (DU) has officially announced that it would be scrapping its MPhil programme from the coming academic year (2022-23), in line with India’s National Education Policy (NEP), which mandates this, but not everyone is happy with the move, especially teachers, writes Aranya Shankar for The Indian Express.

“The MPhil course, over several generations, has played an important role in DU and other Indian universities in developing research aptitude through robust course work and introduction to higher research. It has been a degree by itself – separate from and above the masters degree. It is extremely unfortunate that the NEP 2020 discontinues MPhil,” Academic Council member Mithuraaj Dhusiya, who teaches English at Hansraj College at DU, said.

Professor Ayesha Kidwai of Jawaharlal Nehru University, which decided to scrap the MPhil before DU, pointed to a question of gender: “The MPhil is often the only research degree that women (as well as other disadvantaged sections) can pursue – PhD degrees require an investment of time and a loss of earnings that a patriarchal society lets only a few afford – and the need for its immediate abolition is difficult to fathom,” she said.
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