One in five poorer students accepted to HE courses in 2021

New figures in the United Kingdom show a record high of one in five disadvantaged students were accepted on to university courses in 2021, reports PA News Agency.

Data from the 2021 cycle figures of the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) shows that 20.9% of pupils eligible for free school meals (FSM) were accepted on to a university or college course last year, compared with 13% in 2012, while a “record” proportion of students from the most disadvantaged areas entered higher education last year.

But the gap in participation rates has widened between disadvantaged pupils and their peers over time. In 2012, 27.5% of pupils not eligible for FSM were accepted on to a university course, more than double the proportion of FSM-eligible pupils, a gap of 14.5 percentage points. But in 2021, the proportion of non-disadvantaged students going to university remains around double that for FSM-eligible pupils, with 39.5% non-disadvantaged pupils accepted onto courses, a gap of 18.6 percentage points.
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