Egypt’s oldest doctoral student dies at 85

Hosni Hadhad, thought to be Egypt’s oldest graduate student, earned a masters degree in Arabic literature at age 83 and was keen to pursue a PhD too. Unfortunately, death cut short his dream as he recently passed away at the age of 85, writes Ismail Alashwal for Al-Fanar Media.

Hadhad was born in the village of Tellin, in Minya el-Qamh, in the Sharqia Governorate, east of the Nile Delta. After obtaining a teacher training diploma early in life, he worked in the education sector becoming an ‘education grade director’ in the Minya el-Qamh educational administration. He joined Tanta University in 2014, at the age of 77, after reading a newspaper advertisement about its ‘open education’ system.

He enrolled in the faculty of arts and got a bachelor degree after four years, with a very good grade. Although he was over 80, Hadhad was not satisfied with that and enrolled in graduate studies at Mansoura University’s faculty of arts. After a preparatory year, he completed, in less than a year, his thesis titled “The Artistic Imagery in the Poetry of Al-Khobz Arzi”.
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