Students struggle as crisis cripples university sector

Power shortages and soaring petrol prices mean many Lebanese university students can neither afford to reach their classes nor study from home, a conundrum that is ravaging a generation’s future, reports AFP.

Agnes, a 22-year-old dentistry student from south Lebanon, is among the few still plodding to class in Beirut four days a week. The five hours she spends on a bus daily now costs her LBP1.3 million (US$862) a month – “that’s half of my father’s salary”, she said. Such expenses are now beyond the reach of most Lebanese students, with their country in the throes of a financial, political and health crisis that has ravaged its economy.

As a result, and also because teachers face similar difficulties, many universities continue to offer online classes. But staying connected during state power cuts that often last more than 20 hours a day also comes at a cost.
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