Ministry needs funds to rebuild damaged universities

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education disclosed that it needs ETB19 billion (US$384 million) to rebuild and restore three higher learning institutions of the Amhara state, namely Wollo, Woldia, and Mekdela Amba universities, that were seriously damaged and looted by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) clique, writes Helen Tadesse for Walta.

Speaking to local media, Higher Education State Minister Samuel Kifle said that due to the intensity of destruction, enormous amounts of resources are required to bring the universities back to normal operation.

Expanding the war to Amhara and Afar states, TPLF damaged 1,090 schools and over 3,000 schools require restoration to resume the teaching-learning process. The situation forced over two million students to leave school and over 120,000 teachers have become jobless. The state minister stated that seven campuses of Wollo, Woldia and Mekdela Amba universities have been severely destroyed and plundered by the TPLF. The teaching-learning process in Samara University, Afar state was also disrupted by the conflict.
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