Research ministers agree on research area governance

European Union research ministers adopted conclusions on the governance of the European Research Area (ERA) on Friday 26 November after months of haggling with stakeholders over their role and status in setting the policy agenda of the EU’s single market for research, writes Florin Zubascu for Science|Business.

Ministers also agreed on the pact for research and innovation, which is meant to be a political guide to implementing the ERA. It includes a non-binding commitment by member states to reform national R&D systems and boost public and private investments to 3% of GDP. Under the pact, member states are committed to setting common EU principles and values for research and innovation and to agree on shared priorities.

EU Research Commissioner Mariya Gabriel launched the idea of a pact on research and innovation back in 2020, in the hope of convincing member states that lag behind the EU average R&D expenditure to increase their total public and private research funding by 50% in the next five years.
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